[C04] Stefano Forte: How much does a collider cost? And is it worth it?

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 15.00 UTC

Questions via youtube chat

How much does a collider cost? And is it worth it?

Stefano Forte
Physics Department, Milan University, Italy

Joel Jones-Pérez

It is often claimed that fundamental research has benefits for society that go beyond its conceptual value. In this talk, I describe recent work trying to put this claim on a quantitative basis using tools of cost-benefit analysis. I describe a protocol which can be used to estimate the benefits associated to a research infrastructure, just in the same way as one can estimate the benefits of constructing a bridge. I also present recent work which validates this protocol using empirical data. I show that the benefits of a particle accelerator like the large hadron collider of CERN exceed its cos, and come almost in equal proportions from technological spillovers, from human capital formation, and from cultural benefits.




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