[Z01] Dark Matter Day in Latin America


The Dark Matter Day is a worldwide event aiming to explain to the public about the unseen part of the Universe. Lawphysics also wants to contribute to such event. We propose an activity with physicists and astrophysicists based in Latin America, in which, we discuss the role of the region in the Dark Matter quest.

When and Where

31st October 2017 at 18:30 GMT – 12:30 México – 13:30 Lima and Bogotá – 15:30 Santiago and Buenos Aires – 16:30 São Paulo – 19:30 Brussels



The program consists in a series of talks dedicated to presenting an overview of Dark Matter and the Latin American role in many experiments and collaborations, finalizing with a round table of all the speakers. The duration of the event is expected to be 90 minutes and it is a multi-location event.

  • [15’+questions] Dark Matter Overview – Farinaldo Queiroz
  • [10’+questions] Cherenkov Telescope Array  – Andreas Reisenegger
  • [10’+questions] Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer – José Bazo
  • [10’+questions] ANDES Laboratory – Sergey Kovalenko
  • [10’+questions] Dark Energy Survey – Rogério Rosenfeld
  • [10’+questions] Dark Matter in N-Body simulations – Juan Carlos Muñoz Cuartas
  • [15′] Round Table – All speakers





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