Our Philosophy


In lawphysics, we think that every physicist should have access to cutting-edge research talks. We achieve this goal by two ways: serving as a platform for talks about astroparticles and high energy physics, and acting as a stage where researchers communicate their works.

As physicists, we know it is very important and motivating to communicate our works as well as to know about latest news in the field. All of that has an impact on our scientific performance and fulfill us as scientists.

But, there are many barriers that prevent us from attending talks about the latest scientific breakthroughs. For example, funding is always an issue that restrain the participation in international conferences or visiting other research centers. Besides, there is our inability to travel sometimes, because the event takes place where we are not available due to teaching.

We are enthusiast about lawphysics because it is a project trying to overcome to these problems and to reduce the geographical isolation of some research centers and universities.

lawphysics keeps going thanks to the volunteered time from our coordinators and the kindness of the speakers.

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