Tips for speakers

Here we enlisted some tips for the speaker to make the webinar a smooth experience.

Webinar description

The full transmission lasts approximately 1 hour. The talk itself may last around 30-35 mins. This length allows to keep audience’s focus and have a nice question’s round.

To maximize the use of the screen, we suggest to use 16:9 aspect ratio for the slides. This aspect ratio reduces the black strips that appears in both sides of the youtube video.

Since the slides are display via “screen share”, the mouse pointer can be used to indicate regions of the slides similar to a laser pointer.

Google Hangouts

The lawphysics webinars uses google hangouts (on air) to transmit the webinar.

To check if it works enter in and click on video call button.


It will open a hangout session where you will be the only participant. There you can check if your camera and mic work and how to make screenshare.

The internet connection

We suggest to be connected to internet using an ethernet cable and in a stable network.

The Test

We use to setup a system test with the speaker more or less 1 week before the transmission.