About us: lawphysics

The lawphysics  is a series of web seminars thought to connect physicists working on particle and high-energy physics, astroparticles, and astrophysics.

We use Hangouts On Air for the live broadcast. All videos become available in our Youtube channel.

The webinars take place every two or three weeks, on Wednesday at 15:00 GMT. Check our calendar.

The talks are scheduled to last 30 minutes, followed by questions which may be asked via Google’s Q&A or Twitter.

Find us in Facebook, and Twitter

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates and announcements.

The team behind is:
Nicolás Bernal (U. Antonio Nariño, Colombia)
Alejandro de la Puente (NSF, USA)
Germán A. Gómez-Vargas (PUC-Chile & INFN, Chile)
Joel Jones-Perez (PUCP, Peru)
Roberto A. Lineros
Diego Restrepo (U. Antioquia, Colombia)
Federico Von der Pahlen (U. Antioquia, Colombia)

Other members:
Jorge S. Diaz
Avelino Vicente
Fabio A. Pereira dos Santos

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