[W114] Michele Doro: Trinity: A compact air-shower detector for UHE skimming tau neutrinos

Trinity: A compact air-shower detector for UHE skimming tau neutrinos

Wednesday 26 May 2021 – 15:00 UTC


Michele Doro
University of Padova


Roberto Lineros
Universidad Católica del Norte


The Trinity Observatory is a proposed ultra high energy (UHE) neutrino detector with a core-energy range of 10^6 GeV-10^10 GeV, bridging the observational gap between IceCube and radio UHE detectors like GRAND. It is a system of air-shower imaging telescopes that detect Earth-skimming tau neutrinos from multiple mountain tops. The telescopes have a novel-design 10×60-degree rectangular wide field of view optics each, that image air-shower onto a 3,300-pixel curved-profiled SiPM camera. Trinity’s primary science objectives are the extension of the IceCube measured neutrino flux to UHE and the detection of cosmogenic neutrinos. In this contribution, we focus on the current design of Trinity and discuss its performance.


  • PHYS. REV. D 99, 083012 (2019) 
  • ASTRO2020 WHITE PAPER ARXIV:1907.08727
  • ICRC 2019 ARXIV:1907.08732

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