[W112] Eric Poisson: Gravitomagnetic tidal driving of rotating neutron stars

28 April 2021 – 15:00 UTC


Eric Poisson
University of Guelph


Alejandro Cárdenas-Avendaño
UIUC & Konrad Lorenz


A rotating neutron star immersed in a gravitomagnetic tidal field created by an orbiting companion is subjected to a Lorentz-like force v x B, where v is the star’s rotational velocity, and B is the gravitomagnetic field, produced by mass currents associated with the companion’s orbital motion. I shall explain the physics behind this phenomenon, and reveal how the star’s response to this Lorentz-like force can be viewed as an excitation of its inertial modes, a class of modes for which the restoring force is associated with the stellar rotation (Coriolis force). The tidal response can be described in terms of a Love tensor, a four-index object that relates the body’s current quadrupole moment to the gravitomagnetic tidal moment. Finally, I shall describe how the gravitomagnetic tidal interaction can give rise to resonances during a binary inspiral, and show that these may be detected by LIG0/Virgo in the next decade.

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