[C07] Paula Tuzón: Life after Particle Physics

Wednesday 13th January 2021, 15.00 UTC

Questions via youtube chat

Life after Particle Physics

Paula Tuzón
Universitat de València, Spain (Temporarily on leave)

Joel Jones-Pérez

Training in particle physics has multiple applications beyond the field itself. For example, since particle physics is fundamental physics, any other field that requires fundamental knowledge will be suitable for a particle physicist. Also, from a theoretical point of view, the construction of models and theories also applies to other fields and jobs, which are far from not only particle physics but from physics itself. Finally, the tools used to develop particle physics, such as programming or high-level mathematics, are useful for application in other jobs. 
These and more factors make a particle physicist versatile. In my case, I will relate my time through the physics of complex systems, science education and (oh-surprise!) politics.

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