[W85] Johannes Herms: Antinuclei in Cosmic Rays: Sources and Potential for Discoveries

Antinuclei in Cosmic Rays: Sources and Potential for Discoveries

Johannes Herms, Technical University of Munich.

Cosmic ray antinuclei are messengers of particle physics in the Galaxy. They are produced in the interstellar gas as secondary product of cosmic ray acceleration, and possibly in exotic processes involving high energy particle physics, such as dark matter annihilation or primordial black hole evaporation.
The antiproton flux has been measured to percent level precision, allowing to place bounds on WIMP dark matter, with a possible signal hint. The limitation here is the accurate determination of the secondary antiproton flux. This background can be overcome by looking for antideuterons. Finally, there have been rumors of antihelium events at the AMS-02 experiment, which can not be explained by conventionally considered sources and would have far-reaching implications.