[W74] Marco Drewes: The Search for Heavy Neutrinos

Wednesday 30 January 2019 15.00 GMT

Questions via youtube chat

Marco Drewes
Université catholique de Louvain (UC Louvain)

Roberto Lineros

Right handed neutrinos with masses below the electroweak scale can simultaneously generate the light neutrino masses via the seesaw mechanism and the baryon asymmetry of the universe via leptogenesis. They can be searched for at colliders and in fixed target experiments. This makes the low scale seesaw one of the few testable models of baryogenesis and neutrino masses. We discuss the perspectives to search for the heavy neutrinos at ATLAS or CMS and in the NA62 fixed target experiment. We also comment on MATHUSLA, a proposed LHC detector for dedicated long lived particle searches, as well we the SHiP experiment and a recent proposal for searches in heavy ion collisions.




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