[W72] Natalia Tapia: Measuring the boiling point of the QED vacuum

Wednesday 5 December 2018 15.00 GMT

Questions via youtube chat

Natalia Tapia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

Federico von der Pahlen

The success of the theory for electrons and photons, QED, is known. However some of the predictions of its observables are not accessible by mean of perturbation theory. An example of this is the rate of spontaneous pair production in a strong static electric field, which requires colliding beams of gamma rays reaching the Schwinger critical field (1.3*10^(18) V/m). As this limit lies far way from what can be produced on laboratories an alternative way  is proposed to measure the critical field by the decaying of a high energy Bremsstrahlung photon in a high intensity laser field into pairs of electron positron, which would allow us the measure the boiling point of the QED vacuum.



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