[W66] Juan Carlos Helo: High-dimensional Neutrino Masses

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 15.00 GMT

Questions via youtube chat

High-dimensional Neutrino Masses

Juan Carlos Helo
Universidad de la Serena

Joel Jones-Perez

For Majorana neutrino masses the lowest dimensional operator possible is the Weinberg operator at d = 5. Here we discuss the possibility that neutrino masses originate from higher dimensional operators. Specifically, we consider all tree-level decompositions of the d = 9, d = 11 and d = 13 neutrino mass operators. Despite the large number of possible models, we found only very few genuine neutrino mass models: At d = (9, 11, 13) we find only (2,2,2) genuine diagrams and a total of (2,2,6) models. Here, a model is considered genuine at level d if it automatically forbids lower order neutrino masses without the use of additional symmetries.

High-dimensional neutrino masses

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