International Women’s Day

On the International Women’s Day, we want to see lawphysics in retrospective.

Women are fundamental in science. They are a key part of research institutions, universities, etc. However, we are concerned about the women’s under-representation in science [1-7].

From our previous webinars, 10 talks were given by women, that means 17%. This number is far to be good, but it is slightly better than in most conferences.  For example, we found 14% for participants and 17% for invited speakers in the conference Planck. In a more extreme case, 10% of the talks were women in the conference Moriond ElectroWeak 2018.

Given that 20% of PhDs in physics in the USA are women, these numbers indicate that women go less to conferences than men.
At this point, our target is to reduce this gap in the next seasons.

We have compiled webinars given by women in the following playlist, enjoy!


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  2. Women in the Scientific Research Workforce: Identifying and Sustaining the Diversity Advantage (
  3. National Science Foundation reports ~20% women in Physics (NSF)
  4. Percentage of Women in Physics (APS)
  5. Fraction of PhDs Earned by Women, by Major (APS)
  6. Women Among Physics Faculty Members (AIP)
  7. Percentage of Astronomy Faculty Members Who Are Women in departments that offer an astronomy degree and no physics degree (AIP)

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