[W51] Aurelio Carnero-Rosell: The Dark Energy Survey 1st Year Cosmological Results

Wednesday 8 November 2017. 15:00 GMT

Questions via youtube chat

The Dark Energy Survey 1st Year Cosmological Results

Aurelio Carnero-Rosell
Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Laboratorio inter-Institucional de e-Astronomia, Brasil

Germán A. Gómez-Vargas

In this talk I will present the most recent results from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) after the release of Year 1 data. DES obtained its results from the combination of galaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing, producing the biggest map of dark matter up to today, covering 1400 square degrees of the sky and with a constraining power on cosmological parameters similar to that of microwave background experiments.

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