[W36] Daniel López-Fogliani: Reinterpretation of the Higgs Field, new Quarks, and Neutrino Physics, in Supersymmetry

Wednesday 1 March 2017 15.00 UTC

Reinterpretation of the Higgs Field, new Quarks, and Neutrino Physics, in Supersymmetry

Daniel López-Fogliani
University of Buenos Aires/CONICET (IFIBA)
Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina

Roberto A. Lineros

This talk is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the minimal supersymmetric construction where the standard model-like Higgs can be interpreted in a natural way as part of a fourth family of vector-like lepton superfields. In other words, the usual two Higgs doublet superfields present in supersymmetry are reinterpreted as a vector-like lepton superfield in a natural way, by simple using the natural minimal content of matter.
This is more satisfactory than the usual situation in supersymmetry (or in the SM) where the Higgses are ‘disconnected’ from the rest of the matter and do not have a three-fold replication. We are discussing here the crucial role that neutrino physics and simplicity play in the construction. On the other hand, in analogy with the first three families where for each lepton representation there is a quark counterpart, we also show a possible extension of this minimal model including a vector-like quark doublet representation as part of the fourth family. We also discuss the phenomenology of the associated new quarks.


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