[W28] Mattia Fornasa: Anisotropies in the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background

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Wednesday 21 September 2016 15.00 UTC

Anisotropies in the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background

Mattia Fornasa, GRAPPA Institute, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Nicolás Bernal, ICTP-SAIFR (Brazil)


The Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background (DGRB) collects the radiation produced by all those sources that are not bright enough to be resolved individually. Therefore, it represents an essential tool to study faint gamma-ray emitters, like star-forming or radio galaxies and the exotic Dark Matter. I will review what we know about its nature, with a special attention to the recent measurement of its anisotropy angular power spectrum. This brand-new result is very informative and it can be used to dissect the composition of the DGRB. In particular, I will show how it constrains the emission expected from Dark Matter.


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