[W20] Leonidas Aliaga: Calculating the NuMI flux

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 15.00 GMT

Event in Google+

Calculating the NuMI flux

Leonidas AliagaCollege of William and Mary – USA

Joel Jones-Perez, PUCP – Peru


The determination of the neutrino flux presents a challenge for current and future short and long baseline neutrino experiments. The uncertainties associated with the production and attenuation of the hadrons in the beamline materials along with those associated to the beam optics have a big effect in the flux spectrum knowledge. For experiments like MINERvA, understanding the flux is crucial since it enters directly into every measurement of neutrino-nucleus cross-sections. This presentation is about predicting the neutrino flux at MINERvA using dedicated measurements of hadron production in hadron-nucleus collisions and incorporating in-situ MINERvA data. This presentation also includes the prospect for predicting the flux at other detectors like the NOvA Near detector.

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