[W19] Andreas Goudelis: A Light Particle Solution to the Cosmic Lithium Problem

Wednesday 02 March 2016, 15.00 GMT

Event in Google+

A light particle solution to the cosmic Lithium problem

Andreas Goudelis, HEPHY – Vienna

Nicolás Bernal, ICTP-SAIFR

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) is a cornerstone of modern cosmology. Standard BBN successfully predicts the abundances of the lightest elements in the universe, namely Deuterium and Helium. However, its prediction for the abundance of Lithium-7 overshoots the corresponding value inferred from the atmospheres of Pop-II stars by a factor 2-5. In this talk, I will show that light light, electrically neutral particles that have substantial interactions with nucleons can resolve this “cosmic lithium problem” while providing interesting signatures in intensity frontier experiments.

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