[W17] Camilo Garcia-Cely: Phenomenology of left–right symmetric dark matter

Wednesday 17, February 2016. 15.00 GMT

Event in Google+

Phenomenology of left–right symmetric dark matter

Camilo Garcia-Cely, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Alejandro de la Puente, Carleton University

I will present a detailed study of dark matter phenomenology in low-scale left–right symmetric models. Stability of new fermion or scalar multiplets is ensured by an accidental matter parity that survives the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the gauge group by scalar triplets. I will show that the relic abundance of these particles is set by gauge interactions and gives rise to dark matter candidates with masses above the electroweak scale. Majorana candidates – triplet, quintuplet, bi-doublet, and bi-triplet –bring only one new parameter to the model, their mass, and are hence highly testable at colliders and through astrophysical observations. Scalar candidates – doublet and 7-plet, the latter being only stable at the renormalizable level – have additional scalar–scalar interactions that give rise to rich phenomenology. I will argue that the particles under discussion share many features with the well-known candidates wino, Higgsino, inert doublet scalar, sneutrino, and Minimal Dark Matter. In particular, they all predict a large gamma-ray flux from dark matter annihilations, which can be searched for with Cherenkov telescopes.


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