[W16] Alejandro de la Puente: Compressing the Inert Doublet Model

Wednesday 20, January 2016. 15.00 GMT

Event in Google+

Compressing the Inert Doublet Model

Alejandro de la Puente, Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)

Roberto A. Lineros, IFIC UVEG-CSIC

I will present a study of the Inert Doublet Model in the presence of additional approximate symmetries where the resulting spectrum of exotic scalars can be compressed. In addition, a discrete symmetry to prevent couplings of the new scalars to Standard Model fermions stabilizes the lightest inert state, which can then contribute to the observed dark matter density. I will show you the phenomenological and cosmological implications of this scenario and the new limits we derived on the compressed Inert Doublet Model from LEP, and outline the prospects for exclusion and discovery of this model at dark matter experiments, the LHC, and future colliders.


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